Classic vehicles, also known as cars older than 25 years, can be used as collateral in obtaining auto title loans. Getting a loan for such vehicles is not challenging, but you should also understand that you will only get a loan if it holds value. In the same context, the value of classic cars lies in their condition, meaning that you must maintain them well if they have to serve you, especially when you need a title loan.

Even though the classic car has higher mileage than relatively used cars, how you maintain and service them matters a lot. If well taken care of, the resale value of a classic vehicle appreciates with time because the cars become rage gems as new models are rolled out.

The resale value of the classic car is also a determinant when someone is applying for a title loan. Therefore, classic or older vehicles attract high-value title loans depending on their age.


Which Car Qualifies to Be a Classic Car?


In most counties, the car’s value relies on the value determinations that most lenders would cite. The trade-in value of the older cars is almost the same as the book value. This is the most common valuation method. However, if you need to get more from the lender, you can take your car to a qualified appraiser, who will give you the loan.

Almost all lender companies usually lend you an amount that is approximately 50-60% of the car’s total value. If the car’s value is unknown, the lender will send you a dealer who will give an accurate car figure.

Online lending companies have mastered the basics that show the car’s value, such as its condition, model, and make. However, classic car titles are often highly valued since they are used for events for wealthy families or businesses. For example, classic cars are used for private party hires, especially for events such as weddings, launching products, advertising, and marketing gigs. At times, these events are the ones that assign these cars their value indirectly.

As usual, not all lending companies will offer you money for your classic car. Therefore, you should research well on title loan companies that deal with classic car title loans. The vehicle’s value is the essential component of the loan. Therefore, you should know the exact value if you have to get a good loan out of it. Again, it is essential to see the car’s original value because the factor determines how much cash you will get from the lender. You could use the loan to repay the old car title loans.

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Why You Should Know The Value of The Classic Car

Knowing the value of your classic car is essential because you may need to sell or get insurance. In this case, knowing the value will help you approximate the loan amount you can attract from the lending company. Getting proper coverage relies on the insurance value. It ensures that you can get a classic car title loan equal to the worth of your car even when following the lending rules of various title loan companies.


What Factors Should You Evaluate To Know the Classic Car’s Value?

  • VIN
  • The current condition of your vehicle
  • Body type
  • Year of manufacture, model, and make
  • Engine size
  • History of work or restoration and respective values


Are There Title Loan Restrictions for Older Vehicle Years and Models?

All lenders have placed restrictions on the value of the cars. However, some classic car title loan lenders restrict the amount of loan they can offer, given the model and year of manufacture of the vehicle. If you need $1000 from the lending company and have stated that you will repay the loan in 4 months, then you will make payments based on this formula:

You will calculate the car’s value by multiplying the car’s current value by the current cost of the vehicle. For example, if the selling price of the latest model of the car is $10,000, then even the older versions will be of higher value.

Alternatively, you can approximate the amount of classic car title loans that an older car can attract using the Kelly Blue Book and Haggerty Valuation Tools. Lenders prefer using the Haggerty Valuation Tools because it offers a better figure which reflects the car’s wholesome worth. However, it would be best to consider that older cars fluctuate in value. Therefore, any flaw lowers the value of the vehicle.

As a borrower, you should know the value of your classic car and provide the loan agreement information.


What Are Lenders’ Requirements Before They Give an Auto Title Loan?

All lending companies have a general non-liability agreement where the car’s owner must declare the car’s equity. In addition, the online title loan application should have an electronic bill and a copy of your car’s title. The electronic bill must show that your vehicle has a higher value than ordinary cars.

If the borrower opts to settle for a lower amount than the loan value the lender would give for such a car, they should allow the lienholder to sell the vehicle to recover the loan amounts. It means they should sign that they can sell the car at a fraction of its value to recover the loan. In addition, borrowers should use loan proceeds to meet their needs, such as servicing student loans or solving personal issues.

In the same context, borrowers and lenders should know that older vehicles have a high rate of wear and tear. In addition, their mechanical repair costs are so high at times because some spare parts are not on the market, and few mechanics have specialized in making the repairs. Even the repair procedures are too expensive, which means the vehicle could be a liability to the lender, should it have any problems. Again, given these factors, the resale value could be low.

These factors have contributed to the fact that most online lending companies do not request an online inspection of older cars. Therefore, the lenders offer classic car title loans and no inspection for classic cars. In this case, lenders request borrowers to take their cars for in-store inspection. Lenders often request to verify the existence of the older car if they offer loans without inspection. If the pictures are not clear or they believe that they are unsatisfactory, they send another person from their auto title loan company to view the car. To learn more about the requirements of title loans, visit this page.


How Do I Find Car Title Loan Lending Companies for Classic Cars?

Classic cars have a high value, but every borrower must meet the eligibility loans. If a vehicle has high mileage and low value, it is good to do a wider search to try and find lenders that offer old car title loans. A classic car’s equity value also comes into play when looking for a loan. The best thing is to negotiate with the lender and ensure you get the best amount. If the vehicle is sold separately, the selling price should be able to pay back the loan. Therefore, the lender can use the sale value to determine the amount of loan that a borrower can get.

In addition, relying on an attorney specializing in classic cars is equally vital. These attorneys can help you with good information that you can use to negotiate and get a loan at a reasonable rate. The car’s equity is another avenue for obtaining a good classic car title loan. In the same context, please take a different low-value car and use it to get a loan. At times, lenders are not conversant with the value of the car. Therefore, it is better to have an alternative vehicle that you can use as collateral.

Ensure you understand all the lender’s classic car title loan policies before using you to sign any loan agreement. When you have all the car’s information, it is easier to borrow money against the car. However, it would be best if you also avoided lenders that mistreat you. Therefore, ensure you understand every detail of the loan to avoid repercussions. In addition, you should be sure that the loan is enough for the situation.

When you get the right lending company, you should request an old car title loan. The application process is straightforward. A collector car title loan is extremely simple and can be finished completed in a short period. You need to check on the website and check on the process. The lender company will communicate with you on how you can finalize the process.


Where To Get a Title Loan on a Classic Car?

Classic or older cars can attract a good amount of loans if they have a high value. The value of classic cars depends on the car’s model, make VIN, condition, and year of manufacture, among others. You can go visit Max Cash Title Loans and use your classic car as collateral. However, it would be best to read all the lender’s laws, policies, and reviews before applying for the loan. The Hagerty valuation formula is critical in ensuring you know your classic car’s value. Once you determine the value of your car, you can apply for a loan. Sometimes, the lender must send an actual person to examine the car and confirm its importance and existence.