Memphis, TN – Best Title Loan Companies in 2024

Sometimes, people run into emergencies requiring an extra buck in hand. Instant cash is all you need, be it an accident, medical crisis, or paying your long-due bills.

Memphis is a town along the Mississippi River in Shelby County, Tennessee, with a population of 651,073. While the cost of living is lower (76.0) than the US average, people have difficulty keeping up with everyday expenses. When short on money, many turn to a car title loan as the easiest and smartest way to get fast cash.

If you find yourself in this situation, use reputable title loan lenders in Memphis, TX. We’ve analyzed the most reliable car title loan companies in the area and selected the highest-rated ones to help you get that quick title loan and cover the unexpected costs.


Best Car Title Loan Companies in Memphis 


Not all companies for car title loans in Memphis are good options. Some charge high-interest rates, making repayment difficult, so knowing which service companies you can trust is essential. Below is a list of our top recommended title loan lenders in Memphis with the highest approval rates, competitive interest rates, and reasonable terms within Tennessee state.


1. Max Cash Title Loans

Max Cash Title Loans is Memphis residents’ go-to lender for a reason – they provide high-quality services for clients, may fund you quickly, and offer great interest rates. With several locations across the States (Tennessee, California, and more), they follow professional standards, offer excellent service, and keep an impeccable work ethic.

Throughout the years, they have helped more than 500,000 clients get their finances sorted out. There are no pre-payment fees, and you’ll have access to a group of professionals who may guide you throughout the process and help you with your title loan decision.

Before You Apply

  • Be at least 18 years old and a citizen or permanent resident of the US
  • Provide a source of income
  • Get $1,000 – $50,000 loans
  • Same day funding

Best Features

  • Call or apply online (via the website) for a quick loan
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Keep the car; use car title only
  • Low payments
  • Competitive interest rates


2. Loan Mart

Loan Mart is another highly-rated lender for car title loans in Memphis. The company has deep industry experience, a team of professionals who can help you decide on your loan, and a secure platform to apply for a loan online 24/7. The loan amount depends on your credit rating, car’s value, and where you live.

More than 250,000 satisfied clients from Tennessee, California, and other states across the US have secured loans from Loan Mart. One of the many benefits is that they give clients up to five years to repay the loan amount. Customers rate this service company high due to its easy application, a smooth process, and excellent approval experience.

Before You Apply

  • Proof of income and car insurance
  • Get $1,000 – $50,000 loans
  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • May use classic cars, motorcycles, and trucks as a collateral

Best Features

  • Fast service
  • High application approval rate
  • Assistance in securing title loans
  • No fees to pay the loan off early
  • Extends loans to a customer with bad credit


3. Loan Center

Loan Center is the third option for title loans in Memphis, TN. While it is a relatively new lender, they’ve already funded more than $5,000,000 in loans. They offer car title loans as a solution and want to help people in the full range of financial backgrounds, credit histories, and states get the fast money they need to cover unexpected expenses.

The Loan Center team knows that emergencies and sudden situations can wreak havoc in your financial life, and they understand the urge to require a fast solution. As a result, the application process is quick and straightforward; customers can apply online or by phone and access various loans.

Before You Apply

  • Must be a US citizen
  • Own a vehicle under your name (car, RV, or motorcycle)
  • Provide proof of income
  • Get loans up to $25,000

Best Features

  • Deal with all credit histories
  • Get loans in various locations and states (Tennessee, California, etc.).
  • Receive same-day funding
  • Apply online quickly (24/7)
  • Fast service (get approval in a few hours)


How To Get An Auto Title Loan in Memphis

If you’ve never applied for a short-term car title loan before, you are probably wondering about the requirements on how to get one. Getting title loans in Memphis, Tennessee, is quick and straightforward as long as you have the following:

  • Valid government-issued ID
  • Clear vehicle title
  • Car insurance
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income

Memphis’s housing expenses are approximately 30% lower than the US average, while the utility prices are 3% higher. When unexpected situations happen, such as family emergencies, home repairs, weddings, or funerals, people decide to secure title loans using their cars as collateral.

Online (Website or App)

The lender’s website or app is the easiest way to apply for a car title loan in Memphis. Submit your personal information (name, address) and vehicle details (make, model, year), and wait for someone to provide you with an estimated money offer. As a potential customer, you must submit your employment history, income, and credit score so the lender can calculate the interest rate and loan amounts (they vary between service companies).


You may visit the lender’s office in your state and apply for a short-term car title loan in person. Provide the necessary details and requirements (financial information and vehicle details), and wait for the lender to review the documents. The customer may need to sign a contract and select a payment method if approved. Your money will be available within a day.


Best Local Car Title Loan Companies in Memphis, TX

For anyone looking to apply for title loans today, you may visit the following business store locations. For more information about office location, business hours, or car title loan requirements, call the store near you in Memphis.

Advance America

4298 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122

Phone (901) 685-6474

ACE Cash Express

376 N Cleveland St #101, Memphis 38104

Phone (901) 726-4200

Check Into Cash

2926 Lamar Ave Suite 109, Memphis, TN 38114

Phone (901) 744-3230

Golden Title Loans

3400 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116

Phone (901) 866-2274

Mid-South Payday & Title Loans

1680 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38116

Phone (901) 346-1040

Neighborhood Title Loans

1687 E Brooks Rd, Memphis, TN 38116

Phone (901) 332-5212

TitleMax Title Loans

2265 Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN 38114

Phone (901) 590-1255

Tennessee Title Loans, Inc.

4065 Jackson Ave, Memphis, TN 38128

Phone (901) 372-1939


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you get a title loan online?

Yes, you may get a title loan online and in person; both methods are quick, simple, and efficient. If you start the process online (via the lender’s website or app), you can see how much you might qualify for, calculate the ability to repay the loan and choose the office location most convenient for you.

The more personal information you submit on the website, the faster the process will be once you arrive to collect the approved amount. After submitting all personal details, a representative will call to explain how to access your approved money. Don’t hesitate to call the lender and ask questions if you don’t understand the loan terms or requirements.


Can you be turned down for a title loan?

Yes, lenders can deny applications if they don’t meet specific requirements. Most auto title lenders take the status of your title, income, and ability to repay into account when deciding whether to approve the loan.

Although the credit score is not a determining factor, if the score is too low, there is a chance for loan lenders to deny your application. The loan terms, services, and benefits may vary between companies.


Are title loans a bad idea?

Title loans are a quick solution for funding family emergencies, medical expenses, or sudden situations that require money fast without the hassle of a personal loan or long approval process.

Before making a final decision, consider the following factors:

  • How much money do you need?
  • How much can you afford to pay each month?
  • How long do you want to repay the loan?

Using your car as collateral, you may receive unmatched benefits, including:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Longer repayment terms
  • Fast access to money

What type of loan is a title loan?

A title loan is a short-term loan that uses the free title of a vehicle as credit. You will know the car title is clear if it says “no liens” or has a line for Lien Holder that is blank. If you are unsure, you may call the loan lenders in your state to inspect the car number and plates.

Title loans are made for small loan amounts (between $1,000-$10,000). Lenders calculate the balance based on the market value of your car, and charges vary between 25-50% of the vehicle’s value.

If you live near Memphis and want car loan services, contact the highest-rated lenders today for more information about the location and their service application process.


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