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Sometimes we all need a way to obtain cash quickly, but options with the bank are limited. Car title loans are a popular option in Jacksonville for those who need to cover unexpected expenses. Whether you’re looking to pay your rent, need an outstanding bill, or have a medical emergency, auto title loans can instantly give you money if the bank isn’t an option.

Jacksonville is a growing city with a population of around 900,000. Many residents don’t have the financial means to cover all their expenses at once. As a result, auto title loans in Jacksonville are becoming increasingly popular.

Below are the top choices for car title loans in Jacksonville, Florida.


Best Car Title Loans in Jacksonville, FL – Apply Online


Those looking for auto title loans in Jacksonville are fortunate enough to have options in several locations. We’ve put in the effort to review the top choices to make your life easier. All the companies listed below offer reliable car title loan options with competitive rates.


1. Max Cash Title Loans


Max CashMax Cash Title Loans is one of the most reputable providers of car title loans in Jacksonville. They have over 500,000 customers nationwide and offer some of the lowest interest rates in the industry. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to get started.

The company has an extensive list of lender partners who can provide car title loans within one working day. You must only submit a few personal and vehicle documents to get approved.

Here are some of their requirements for auto title loans in Jacksonville:

  • Must be a Florida resident over 18 years old
  • Your vehicle must have a valid Florida title and registration
  • Minimum loan amount of $100
  • Maximum loan amount of $50,000

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2. Loan Center


Loan Center ApplicationLoan Center is a direct lender that provides personal auto title loans in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Comparing car title loans in Jacksonville, Loan Center has an extremely simple approval system and competitive interest payments.

People can apply online or by phone number, and the type is approved within a working day. The company reviews are primarily positive, and the company’s customer support team is outstanding. With Loan Center, you don’t receive any penalties for prepayment, allowing you the option of paying the loan back all at once if you have the cash.

Here’s what you need to qualify for an auto title loan in Jacksonville with Loan Center:

  • Base loan of $1,750
  • Maximum loan value of $25,000
  • Vehicle must be worth at least $2,000
  • Income must be at least $1,500 per month

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3. ChoiceCash


ChoiceCash loans have been in operation for a while and have extended their services to different parts of the state; they are known for disbursing loans to customers as long as you meet their approval requirements. If you are in Jacksonville, visit their website and apply online – upon approval, you can get your money deposited to your bank account or choose one of their other loan disbursement options!

Before you apply

  • Submit a document that validates your age – 18 years and above (ID card).
  • Proof that the car is titled under your name.
  • Proof that you have a source of income.
  • Submit Residential address.
  • Proof of vehicle’s equity.

Loan highlights

  • Loan approval process may only take a few minutes.
  • The application process is easy and fast.
  • Accommodates limited or bad credit history.
  • Multiple loan repayment options.

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How to Get an Auto Title Loan in Jacksonville

Getting auto title loans in Jacksonville is much easier than you think. To start, you typically need a Florida title, income statements, and a few other documents like your license and personal details. As a result, auto title loans in Jacksonville are on the rise due to their fast approval process and hassle-free lending.

With some companies, you could get approved in about five minutes, but it typically takes one or two business days before you get your cash. You may apply for personal auto title loans in Jacksonville on the lender’s website or by visiting their onsite location.


Best Local Car Title Loans in Jacksonville, FL

Advance America

1124 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32218


Advance America

5324 Blanding Blvd #7, Jacksonville, FL 32210



5711 Phillips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32216



938 Cassat Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205


Lending Bear

6016-2 St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32217


Lending Bear

7935 Lem Turner Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32208


Montana Capital

531 Cassat Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32254


Rapid Auto Loans

7812 Normandy Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32221




Can I apply for a title loan online in Jacksonville?

Most companies allow you to apply for auto title loans in Jacksonville online. You may need to wait a few hours to complete the approval process, but your financial aid should arrive in roughly one working day. It’s far more efficient than going to a bank or other traditional cash lender.


How much can you get from a title loan?

The average sum for auto title loans in Jacksonville, Florida, is between $500 and $2,000. However, some companies in Florida offer title loans of up to $50,000. That said, these types of title loans tend to have more requirements and aren’t as convenient.


How can I get a title loan without a job?

Some companies ask that you prove your income to obtain Jacksonville title loans. However, you’ll need to find another alternative if you don’t have a job. Depending on how much your car is worth, you may be able to obtain a loan purely based on collateral.

Be sure to check the company disclosures and other free information on their site to see what your options are.


Are title loans a good idea?

While car title loans in Jacksonville can be an excellent way to get money quickly, you should consider a few things before you call. A car title loan typically comes with high-interest rates (sometimes more than the bank), and you could lose your car if you fail to pay it back. Because you use your car as collateral, the lender can take it if you’re delinquent.

Therefore, you must make all your payments on time.


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