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Life is full of unexpected expenses, and unfortunately, sometimes that means people need to get fast cash quickly. There’s no shortage of options in the personal lending world, and there’s an excess of lenders willing to provide those options.

An auto title loan is a lesser-known type of personal loan that utilizes a resource almost everyone has—a vehicle. With this loan type, your vehicle is offered as collateral for the loan, although you’re not required to give up the car, you can still drive it during the duration of the loan until it’s paid back in full.

Max Cash Title Loans is a service that connects people seeking auto title loans with lenders in various states that offer them.


What Max Cash Title Loans Offers


Max Cash Title Loans does not actually provide the funds. Instead, they act as a portal connecting borrowers in search of a car title loan with institutions across the country that do.

When you submit your information to the Max Cash website, their algorithm determines what size loan you are eligible for. The loan amount is typically 50 to 90% of the car’s current auction value. Should you decide you want to proceed, Max Cash then forwards your information to lenders in your state willing to float you a loan.

They work with a full range of lending institutions, which means that even if you have bad credit, they will likely find someone who will provide you a loan. The company claims to have connected more than 500,000 people with loans, and that number grows every day.

The service is also free to use. they earn a referral fee from the lending institution on each loan they arrange, so you don’t have to pay them anything. You may also be able to refinance your auto title loan through the different loan companies that they work with.


They Offer a High Degree of Transparency

Max Cash Title Loans takes their job seriously and does their utmost to make sure every borrower knows what they are getting into when it comes to title loans. We were glad to see their site has copious information detailing the car title loan process and requirements, and that they make no secret of the fact that such loans typically carry significantly higher than average interest rates. Exactly how high will depend on your personal credit history.

They also answer some frequently asked questions about title loans, such as whether you can secure one large loan based on two car titles (unfortunately, that’s not allowed). Another thing we appreciated about Max Cash is that they aren’t involved in selling applicants’ personal information. Any information you provide is only shared with the lending institution. They don’t do business with lenders who sell your personal data, either.


Benefits of Using Max Cash Title Loans As a Service

There are many different lenders these days available to provide you with the funds you need. As such, the folks at Max Cash Title Loans understand the need to offer some reason for you to choose their service. Our investigation of the company revealed the following benefits:

  • The website is stocked with useful information and features very intuitive navigation. You’re able to learn all you need to know about title loans, examine a sample loan contract, and even calculate different rates.
  • Most of the lending institutions that work with Max Cash on title loans do not require you to have a bank account. Try getting a loan from a bank without having a bank account—not going to happen.
  • By all accounts, they make a fair assessment of your car’s value using Kelly Blue Book and Black Book guidelines. You don’t have to worry about being low-balled as far as the value of your vehicle is concerned. It might not be as much as you want, but it’s a fair number based on the currently accepted market value of your particular vehicle.
  • They are also truly nationwide. There are only a handful of states where they are forbidden to operate, and that’s because those states do not permit auto title loans at all.


How Do I Apply Through The Company?

Max Cash application

Max Cash Title Loans makes it easy to apply for an auto title loan. Simply go to their website and navigate to the application page. There you’ll find a straightforward form to get the process started.

You’ll need to provide your name, address, phone number, and email, as well as pertinent information regarding your vehicle, including year, make, model, and mileage. If you have a bank account and want a direct deposit then you’ll need to provide your bank account details. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you’ll receive an estimate regarding the size of the loan you are likely to qualify for. You’ll also have the option to continue or discontinue the process.


Eligibility and Required Information They Will Need

Keep in mind that, although not all Max Cash reviews are clear about this, the company itself does not lend money. Instead, they put you in touch with lenders who will. Because of this, they can afford to have very lax eligibility requirements for using their service. Each of the potential lending institutions, however, will likely have their own set of requirements.

At a minimum, those institutions are likely to require that you:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid driver’s license in your state
  • Have some form of government-issued ID
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Can provide proof of income
  • Can prove the car in question is registered in your name, and that there are no liens against the title at the time of application

Different lenders and brokers may have slightly different qualifications, but rest assured, they do not work with any which makes it prohibitively difficult to get a loan.


Fees For Using Their Service

We mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth repeating. Max Cash does not require you to pay them anything for their service. If a lender they refer you to provides you with a vehicle title loan, they will earn a referral fee from the lender. So, while it may seem a bit odd in this day and age when everyone has their hand in your pocket, working with them won’t cost you anything.


States and Locations Where They Operate

Max Cash works with lenders and maintains corporate locations in most states. Essentially, every state where title loans are allowed. As you can imagine, that adds up to a pretty significant number of lenders, which means your odds of securing the fast cash you need are pretty good.

Each state where title loans are allowed regulates the business slightly differently. Sometimes in a very different way, to be honest. Some states take an almost entirely hands-off approach to automotive title lenders. It’s a pretty safe bet that lenders in these states will charge the highest interest rate they think the market (that would be you) can support.

Other states, however, take a more active role in oversight and limit how much interest can be charged based on various formulas. If, by chance, you happen to live in one of these states, you’re likely to enjoy a more reasonable interest rate.

Rather than list all the states where they can secure title loans, it’s faster to list those states that do not permit this type of personal loan. Those states are:

  • Hawaii
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • West Virginia

Unfortunately, residents of the above states cannot secure a loan. Be aware, though, that some states, such as California, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and South Carolina, provide backdoor ways to get car title loans. However, because this type of loan is technically illegal in those states, they cannot arrange for money there.

In numerous states where auto title loans are permitted, there are limitations on the maximum loan amount that can be offered. These restrictions vary among states, and each state has its methodology for determining the loan size. It’s important to note that the loan size limits are beyond the control of the companies facilitating these loans. Their primary function is to connect borrowers with lenders willing to provide funds based on the value of their car. It’s important to recognize that these companies do not have the authority to establish state laws or regulations pertaining to auto title loans.


Summary of Our Max Cash Title Loans Review

They are perhaps the best available method for securing an auto title loan. They provide a wealth of information on this type of loan and give you a good idea of what to expect regarding lenders, interest rates, and the like. Trying to secure a loan on your own could take weeks or months because you’d need to collect manually, then sift through all the information from various lenders before deciding.

With Max Cash, you simply enter a few pieces of information about yourself and your car and are presented with a list of lenders ready to work with you. Because of their high-interest rates, such cash loans are not for everyone, but if you need fast cash and don’t want to slog your way through the bank application process, Max Cash can be a viable alternative.


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