FaceTheRed.com works hard to provide you with the most in-depth reviews regarding the top debt consolidation companies in the industry.

Choosing a company to manage your debt and negotiate with your creditors means you’re essentially handing over your keys to the kingdom. During a time when you’re struggling to make ends meet and fighting off aggressive creditors, you need a company you can trust. Just as importantly, you need a company that’s smart, strategic, and willing to work hard to get you the lowest payments, interest rates, and settlement fees.

Because debt management is so essential to your future success and your ability to push forward and once again start building your credit, we’ve worked overtime for you, bringing you only the top debt management companies in the industry. Our job is to give you a clear look at both the pros and cons for each company, providing you with a realistic view of how each of these companies works, what type of fees you can expect along the way, and exactly the type of services they offer. This will help you to make the best decision based on your future financial goals and your budget.

How Each Company is Ranked

We’ve ranked each company based on factors such as pricing, customer service and support, financial advice available, a company’s success rate and reputation, and how each of their debt management programs works.

Services and Customer Support

While many of these companies offer very similar services, there are slight differences that can affect the general user experience and customer satisfaction. As an example, there are some companies that take a more hands-on approach, working closely with clients throughout the entire process with a reputation for being very accessible in the event you need to discuss the progress of your account or have questions about what you can do to rebuild your credit once your program is complete. Other companies may not be as attentive to their clientele, not quite as accessible, or they may not offer ongoing financial advice or educational resources.

Benefits and Education

I’m sure you can agree that there many benefits you can get out of a program that will help you to successfully get rid of all that piled up debt. But what about after your debt has been paid off? Now what? More importantly, has the company provided you with the tools you need to prevent falling back into debt a year or two down the line? There are some companies we’ve reviewed that offer extensive learning materials that you can utilize to educate yourself on financial management. These resources come in the form of webinars, helpful articles discussing the different aspects of money management, and one on one financial counseling. Some companies also offer credit repair programs that you can take advantage of once you’ve completed the debt consolidation or debt settlement programs.

Customer Service is Everything

customer service is everything

You want to work with a company that’s quick to respond, personable, and sensitive to your delicate financial situation. What you don’t want is a relationship with their automated service. We’ve taken a look at companies that all have stellar reputations for their prompt response time, and a drive to ensure that each client is satisfied with their experience.


Most of these companies offer similar pricing, but in this field, there are some that include hidden fees or require you to pay a monthly fee. We’ve broken down the pricing plans for each company and the services included, so you won’t be surprised down the line by unexpected costs.


Some of these companies were not very transparent regarding their cancellation policies or their guarantees. We’ve included the information we were able to find regarding money back guarantees in the event you’re unsatisfied with service. However, because each of the companies we have chosen has an excellent reputation in the industry, we didn’t focus on money back guarantees or cancellation policies in terms of ranking each company.


We have included companies that each have the appropriate accreditations for this industry so that you’ll get the most highly trained, knowledgeable and educated debt specialists in your corner.

Our Ranking System

We’ve listed the best debt consolidation companies based on how we rank, from one to five. The number one spot is the top company in the industry with all of the qualifications you could want. Rankings were based on companies that have hit the mark in every category including lower fees, educational resources, pricing, customer support, and of course their client success rate.