If you need a loan and own a car, a car title loan can secure the money you need. This allows you to put your car up as collateral on a loan.

Because your car is collateral for the loan amounts, lenders will want to evaluate your car. This is known as an inspection. However, getting the car you’re using for your title loan may not always be possible at the lender’s location.

But did you know other ways to get a car title loan without the car?

This guide will tell you how to get a title loan without showing the car if you can’t bring your vehicle to the lender.

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What Are Car Title Loans?


A car or auto title loan is a loan offered by traditional, in-store loan lenders and modern, online financial institutions. It allows you to borrow money against the equity of your vehicle.

Essentially, you turn over the title of your car, and you can get cash. As the borrower, you can use that loan money as you need to.

You will owe payments for this loan which includes interest. By holding the title of your car, the lender has a lien for the loan. This lien means that if payments cannot be made at any point, the lender can repossess the vehicle to cover the debt.


What Are Valid Reasons to Not Show the Car?

There are several common and understandable reasons to get a title loan but can’t show the car. We want to remind you that you do need to own a car. But to get a title without showing the car, here are some reasons you may want to apply online.


Any Lender Is Too Far Away

With a loan application process available online, why waste time driving to a lender that’s far away? If a lender’s location is too far, you can get a title loan online with a vehicle title and without showing the car.


The Day You Apply, You Don’t Have Access

In order to apply for a title loan, typically, you would need access to the car you intend to use as collateral. However, there may be situations where your car is unavailable on the day of the application. For example, a family member might be using it, or it could be in storage, making it challenging to retrieve. In such cases, you don’t need to go through the hassle of obtaining your car for the application process.


Can I Get a Title Loan without Bringing in My Car?

If you need cash, think a car title loan is the best way to get funding, but can’t show your vehicle, don’t worry. You can apply for car title loans without showing the car.

However, there are several things you should keep in mind before making this financial decision, such as important steps to take and requirements to meet.


How Can You Get a Loan without a Car?

The best way to complete an application for auto title loans without showing the vehicle is by applying for a title loan online. You can quickly navigate to a lender website, and they can help you today with a toll-free call.

There are several options now for online financial loans. The need to visit physical locations disappears as everything from monthly payments, credit history, and lenders move online.

You can now fill out an application online, maybe speak on a phone call with your lender, and complete the process on a website. The service can be just as good as if you were in a traditional office, and it’s a convenient way to get financial approval fast.


Requirements to Get a Car Title Loan Without Car

To be approved for the loan, you will need to apply first. Keep in mind these key factors before you apply:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must show proof of income. Can use alternative income.
  • You must own the vehicle you use as collateral. The title must be in your name.
  • There cannot be a lien on the vehicle.
  • You must be able to access the vehicle, even if you cannot bring it in.

These requirements for a title loan are essential for your loan approval. However, applying without physically bringing your vehicle for a visit is still a valid way to apply for an auto title loan.

If you have access to vehicles you own but cannot bring in the car for your application, you can still apply and be approved for the maximum possible funding for your loan.


Getting a Vehicle Inspection

Almost every in-store lender will require a vehicle inspection. While not all online loan providers will require this service to be performed, you may need to get an inspection for your application.

There are always many locations to choose from that can perform an inspection. You can complete it at any time for your convenience; you won’t need to coordinate this with the loan provider.

An inspection is proof of your vehicle’s condition to make sure your application accurately reflects the loan amount.

However, there are online loan providers that do not require an inspection. Merely sending in pictures is proof enough to determine the loan amount. They may ask for a different number of photos from different angles. Pay attention to the details of what they need to make the process go quickly.


What’s Important in a Vehicle Inspection?

There are several things that the lender will be looking for in your vehicle and its history to determine the loan amount. So while you can get a title loan without a vehicle, the loan truly comes down to the facts and value of your vehicle.

There are several things that a lender will look for before funding your title loan.

  1. Brand. Certain brands will have a higher value than others.
  2. Alterations. Anything you add to improve the vehicle after-market is a valid way to raise the value.
  3. The Look. Lenders don’t care about the old expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” When it comes to an auto title loan, the better the look of your car, the more your loan is worth.
  4. The Inside Condition. That’s right, the inside matters too. Get it looking as nice as you can.

These will show in your car’s photos and most likely affect your monthly payment and loan amount. Ensure you get the best photos for your application to complete the loan process.

How Does an Inspection Work?

For a vehicle inspection, you will need to obtain the location of a business that can perform the service. This is usually very simple, and you can find the phone number for the right business online.

Depending on the online title loan provider, they may count taking pictures as enough of an examination of your vehicle. Make sure that as a customer, you contact the lender if you’re unsure of the process.


The Pros and Cons of a Title Loan without the Car

There are many benefits to getting a car title loan without a vehicle. But we want to ensure that you understand the benefits and the potential problems of getting a car title loan without the car.

The Advantages

Credit History

Have a low credit score? Then this may be a good option. A car title loan can help you get cash, even with a low credit score. There is no need to wait years to improve your credit for the lender to get you the money you need.

Get Approved Quickly

Car title loans are generally determined quickly. This may depend on how you fill out your application and the lenders you work with, but customers can expect money into their account quickly if their documents are organized.

The Disadvantages

High Interest

You will face higher interest rates as a customer getting a car title loan than other lines of credit you may pay. This high-interest credit means fast cash but doesn’t mean it’s free.

You May Pay for the Convenience

When a lender issues cash without seeing the collateral, they are taking a chance on you, especially if you are one of the customers with low credit. The limited contact with the car itself could mean you see the difference in your monthly payment.

That’s why having all the documents you need to show the money value of your vehicle without an in-person visit is so important.


The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Title Without the Car


  • Make sure the title is in your name to get the title loan and cash.
  • Pay every month. You likely depend on your vehicle. While car title loans are convenient, the title belongs to your lenders as credit. If you miss the time to pay frequently, customers could see their vehicle repossessed.
  • Consider the benefits and the risks. Fats cash is great, especially if you know the effects on your financial situation. But make sure you also consider the consequences.
  • Review which website can give you the best title loans without a vehicle for cash.


  • Call the first lender you meet. They don’t work for free. So make sure you look for an online lender known for giving cash for car title loans without the vehicle.
  • Avoid taking pictures. Taking photos is how you get the title loan you need. Trying to avoid certain photos of damage will not help your application, as the lender can ask for more proof.


Can You Pawn a Title That’s Not in Your Name?

If the title is not in your name, you cannot legally prove that the vehicle belongs to you. That means you could not use it as collateral for car title loans.

While you can call and apply for a car title loan without the vehicle being seen by a lender at specified locations, the vehicle must be owned by the borrower.

The right documents will help you understand what loan could work best for your credit score and get you cash. Review a vehicle’s title. If you are not the owner, you should look into a loan that isn’t a car title loan.


Conclusion – Getting a Title Loan Without the Car

Title loans are a common way of getting cash, even when your credit is low. You can waste time calling every lender in town to find someone who will use your vehicle in storage as collateral. But without an in-person inspection, auto title loans will be difficult to get.

That’s why we recommend online lenders. They can get you the cash for your title loans without an on-site vehicle. By simply taking pictures and filling out the application accurately, you can get a title loan in no time.

If you want to learn more about getting an auto title loan, we recommend speaking with a trusted representative from Max Cash. Their friendly customer support team will break down title loans and make the application process easier for you.

Ready to learn if title loans without the car are best for you? Check out Max Cash online and give them a call toll-free.