Accredited Debt Relief provides a thorough overview of different options for debt relief, such as bankruptcy and debt consolidation loans. They also offer a number of resources you can use to learn more about money managing practices that actually work. This company is widely used due to their more educational approach towards debt relief and money management. They employee certified debt specialists who will work closely with their clients in order to help them to determine which type of debt solution is the best option.


What Accredited Debt Relief has to Offer

Once you have enrolled in their debt consolidation program, you’ll begin putting funds into a separate account. Keep in mind that you own this account, so you’ll always have access to these funds, which can be withdrawn at any time, without the fear of penalty costs. Obviously, the faster you add money to this account, the faster you can pay off your debt.

After the debt specialists have negotiated with your creditors, the money in this account will be used to pay off your debt. A percentage will also go towards paying Accredited Debt Relief.  Currently, their fees for debt reduction ranges from fifteen to twenty-five percent, which is about average.

The length of this debt consolidation program will depend on how much money you’re able to set aside each week or month and how much money you owe. On average, it’s been reported that this program will usually last two to four years. This company doesn’t charge any upfront fees, which means you won’t pay anything unless their specialists are able to negotiate successfully with your creditors.


Applying for the Debt Consolidation Program

With this debt consolidation program, you can enroll for either personal or business debts. This also includes lines of credit, medical bills, and unsecured loans. Other debts such as payday loans are not eligible. Currently, this service is covered in forty-nine states, which is more coverage than many of Accredited’s competitors.

The company currently has a minimum debt requirement of $7,500. However, this minimum amount can vary from state to state and will depend on what state you reside in when you enroll in the program.


What Can This Debt Relief Company Do for Me?

Right on the company website, you can easily find information regarding your debt relief options, such as bankruptcy, and financial counseling. Their website also explains what type of impact using debt consolidation can have on your credit. This information will help teach clients more about how to manage their finances.

Once you start the program you’ll work closely with an accounting adviser. The advisor will be your go-to contact during the duration of the program. It will be their job to keep you up-to-date regarding the debt specialist’s progress or lack thereof. While the advisor is your main contact, you’ll also be able to check it out for yourself by logging into the online portal.



During this program, your money is placed in a federally insured account. Once this company has reached a settlement with your creditors, the money in the account will go towards paying off your debt, while a portion of the money will also go towards paying for this debt consolidation service.

Accredited Debt Relief charges average fees for their debt settlement program. The average reduction is usually twenty-five percent.

Contacting Accredited and Free Consultation

Contacting accredited and free consultation

Accredited Debt Relief is located at 591 Camino De La Reina #400, San Diego, CA 92108.

You can contact Accredited Debt Relief via email or by phone at 1.866.345.5007.

This company currently offers a free consultation with a debt specialist. When you sign up online for a free consultation you’ll be required to fill out a short form, providing your first and last name, phone number, and email address. A debt specialist will contact you within minutes. If they’re unable to reach you on the phone they will email you with their contact information. When you call, you’ll be quickly transferred to the next available debt specialist. You’ll discuss your finances, how much debt you’ve accumulated, and the type of services they can offer that can help you to get out of debt as fast as possible.



This company has accreditations from the AFCC and the IAPDA. The IAPDA provides certifications and training for personal debt arbitrators.  These training programs are designed to provide debt specialists with the best tools for debt negotiations that are within FTC regulations.

The AFCC surveys companies, ensuring they’re upholding regulations put in place by the FTC.



This debt consolidation program will change the way you think about money and manage your money, forever. After you enroll, you’ll sign up all of your high balance credit cards. Usually, this involves any credit card that’s over five hundred dollars. Your debt specialist will recommend hanging on to any of your low balance cards for emergency purposes. You won’t have access to any of your other credit cards during this time. This will prevent you from incurring even more debt. This is also used as part of the negotiation strategy because it will show your creditors that you’re making an effort to permanently get rid of your debt.

Part of the sign-up process is determining how much money you’ll be able to deposit into your account on a monthly basis. While this account is setup in your name, it’s kept separate from your bank accounts, which is another great way Accredited helps you to avoid the temptation of creeping back into debt. You have to be diligent about making these deposits. The point is to choose an affordable amount, one that’s manageable so it’s not a financial hardship to consistently make these payments when you’re required. If you’re having trouble making payments you can speak with your advisor who can help you set up an alternate arrangement, but you must let them know at least five days before your next payment is due.



While it is possible to make alternate arrangements in the event that you’re unable to make a payment, keep in mind that the more payments you miss, the longer this debt consolidation process will take. This is because Accredited will use the final amount you save as part of the negotiating process.

You should also realize that any debt amount that’s forgiven can be considered taxable. This means that once you complete this program, you can end up owing more taxes because your income will be higher. However, you can use form 982 and apply for an exemption.

Another major downside of enrolling in this program is how it can negatively impact your credit. While Accredited is negotiating a settlement, you’re required to stop making payments on all of your outstanding balances. Obviously, this can result in having your accounts sent to collections, or you can even get sued. Clearly, your credit score will suffer during this process, which, in turn, can limit your future access to loans and credit cards. However, if you’ve already defaulted on payments and have few other options, then this debt consolidation program may be the best choice for you.



How can you tell if this debt consolidation program is right for you? Ultimately, it depends on how dire your financial situation is. If you’re still able to afford all the monthly payments to creditors, it may not be worth enrolling. But if you find yourself struggling to afford a number of payments to different credit card companies, loan companies, collections agencies, etc. then Accredited Debt Relief can provide you with a solution that can have you out of debt in as little as two years.


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